Mumtalakat equips students with knowledge

Mumtalakat CEO Mahmood Al Kooheiji
Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat Holding Company (Mumtalakat) announced the completion of a summer internship programme for a group of students in Bahrain.

As part of its corporate social responsibility activities, Mumtalakat welcomed 11 Bahraini interns over the summer. The interns were assigned to different teams across Mumtalakat, including corporate development, investment, finance and risk management, where they had the opportunity to work with staff on existing projects.

“We are committed to supporting the community and investing in education for future generations in the Kingdom of Bahrain as part of Mumtalakat’s corporate social responsibility activities,” Mahmood Al Kooheji, Chief Executive Officer of Mumtalakat said.

“The summer internship has given these students the opportunity to work on real life projects, acquire new skills, and increase their understanding of the role Mumtalakat plays in helping to grow the wealth of Bahrain. I am convinced it is an experience that will be useful to them when they embark on their careers.”

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