BCCI asks for easier driving training, swift fine payment system

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MANAMA: The Transport and Logistics Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) led by BCCI board member, Abdulhakeem Al Shemeri held a joint meeting with the General Directorate of Traffic in Bait Al Tijjar.

The meeting probed a number of obstacles curbing the transport and logistics sector including the long time for the settlement of traffic violations transferred to the Public Prosecution, which impedes expat drivers from leaving the country upon the expiration of their contracts; the late appointments for driving training classes particularly for expats, which hinders the operations of transport companies; and the insufficient time allocated for the technical inspection of trucks.

During the meeting, the committee mulled a number of proposals that aim to revitalize the sector, including allowing the private sector to pursue driving training classes, establishing a unified GCC website for traffic violations, and carrying out the technical inspection for trucks around the clock and on Saturdays.

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