BCCI Deputy Chief sees huge business potential in China

Abdulhameed Abduljabbar Kooheiji

SANABIS: The industrial sector committee of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) headed by the second vice-chairman Abdulhameed Al Kooheji will host an industrialist delegation from China on Wednesday 25th January 2017 in Al Ruwad Hall on the 3rd floor of Bait Al Tijjar.

“Hosting the delegation comes in a bid to encourage local industrialists to probe expanding their businesses, forge partnerships, and exchange knowledge with their counterparts from other countries,” Al Kooheji said.

“We met with a large number of Chinese industrialists during our late participation in Canton fair held in China last October, and extended our invitation to those most compatible with local industrialist in Bahrain and with genuine keenness on forging partnerships and establishing joint-ventures.”

“The delegation is diverse in its nature and represents large as well as small and medium enterprises, and we encourage local industrialist from all sizes to attend and seize this invaluable opportunity.”

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