BCCI endorses Bahrain’s action against Qatar

MANAMA: The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry has endorsed the actions taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain against Qatar for preserving the national security.

In a statement, the BCCI denounced the interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs by Qatar.

The BCCI hopes that the Qatari government is working to correct their policies and take into account the commercial interests.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bahrain has announced its full support for all measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain on the severance of diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar in order to preserve national security, as a result of the continuing national policy to interfere in Bahrain ‘s internal affairs.

The BCCI stressed that the security and stability of the Kingdom remained a top priority and can never bargain, Bahrain and its people ‘s interest and future above any other consideration. The statement added that the foreign policies of the countries must be based on the principles of good neighbourliness and common interests, as is customary according to international laws and the UN Charter, especially that the relations between the Gulf states, linking history and lineage relationships established on the basis of the Gulf Cooperation Council system.

The BCCI hopes that the Qatari government is working to correct policies and engage transparently in the fight against terrorism, and put the interests of the brotherly people of Qatar , which represents a natural extension and integral to his brothers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, on the ladder of priorities, as well as taking into account the common interests between the peoples of the two countries, including the Bahraini investments Qatar , which is estimated in the millions, which have been compromised as a result of those policies.

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