BCCI hosts 2nd Open House of BATC

SANABIS: The Bahrain Asian Traders Committee (BATC) of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is holding its second open meeting on Wednesday at 1200 noon in Al Majlis Hall on the ground floor of Bait Al Tijjar.

“This meeting comes in extension to the previous open meeting and to find the progress of the recommendations made,” Head of the committee and Vice-Treasurer Mohammed Sajid Izhar Ulhaq said.

“The meeting will host a panel of top officials from Ministry of Interior, Nationality Passports & Residence Affairs, Customs Affairs, and LMRA with the aim of allowing direct communication and mulling practical solutions”,” he added.

BCCI members are encouraged to attend the open house, which will also exhibit updates regarding the committee’s forthcoming conference Gateway to Arabian Gulf.

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