Bahraini delegation to Europe holds 600 business meetings

A business delegation led by the Economic Development Board (EDB) has concluded its promotional tour to Europe on Friday. The delegation visited major industrial cities in Italy, France and Germany to lure investments to Bahrain in vital sectors including food, water technology, construction, telecommunications, aviation, down-stream aluminium, logistics, chemicals, plastic and automotive.

During the European tour from November 15 to 25, the delegation participated in six forums to promote Bahrain business environment in Milan, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Essen and Munich. Around 600 business-to-business meetings were held between Bahraini businessmen taking part in the tour and their European counterparts.

“During our visits to Italy, Germany and France, I was glad to see the big interest from European businessmen to know more about Bahrain’s business environment and the investment opportunities the Kingdom has to offer. I can say that this tour, along with similar earlier visits we paid to the United States and the United Kingdom, did achieve their objectives of identifying joint opportunities in the business and industrial sectors. This confidence, plus the cooperation agreements that were signed in vital industrial sectors, are attributed to the well-structured economy and investment environment in Bahrain,” Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive of the EDB, said.

On the sidelines of the tour to Germany, Shaikh Mohammed visited the headquarters of BASF which recently selected to set up its newest plant in Bahrain. He was received by the company’s senior management team who discussed with him the kind of support they require to start their operation in the Kingdom.

Shaikh Mohammed said that by selecting Bahrain as hub in the region, BASF has become a partner in the sustainable economic development process of Bahrain. The company will also benefit from Bahrain’s strategic location as a gateway to $1 trillion GCC market, and will contribute to the industrial sector in the Kingdom and its diversity, besides offering jobs to our citizens, he added.

The meeting followed an agreement signed by Tamkeen with BASF in Munich to provide support to the company’s operation in Bahrain.

Shaikh Mohammed also held a meeting with RMA during a visit to their factory in the German city of Kehl. RMA was the second German company to announce operating from the Bahrain International Investment Park. The 13 million euro plant will produce pipeline fittings and will export 95% of its output.

The volume of trade exchange between Bahrain and Germany is estimated at around euro 400 million and there are 222 German agencies along with four companies that are currently working from Bahrain. Around 36 Bahraini companies have joint ventures with German firms in different fields, including: investment, technology, cargo, oil consultancy, and others.

The delegation consists of Dr. Essam Fakhro, Tariq Wafa, Ebrahim Zainal, Khalid Ameen, Ahmed Jalal, Afnan Al-Zayani, Dr. Tawfeeq Al-Moayad, Khalid Al-Zayani, Dr. Samer Al-Jishi, Ahmed Kanoo, Moenis Al Mardi, Eva Dawood and Ebrahim Allangawi.

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