EDB stresses to follow-up on US trade delegation visit

The Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) stressed the importance of activating the results of the Trade and Economic Bahraini delegation to the United States, especially approved projects.

The BCCI and the EDB also noted the importance of following up on the outcomes of the visit and implementing all the recommendations which had then be reached, adding that strengthening ties proportionately with the size of capabilities requires all available facilities in doing so.

The BCCI and the EDB are arranging for a Bahraini Trade delegation to visit the United States this year in order to explore potential opportunities for joint ventures and bolster business ties strengthening bilateral ties.

The BCCI also noted the success of the visit of the Bahraini delegation to the United States last year, during which a number of activities were organized, leaving the delegation with positive impressions of the opportunities between the two nations, wishing to see the positive outcomes of the visit in the course of this year.

The BCCI also called for more cooperation between Bahraini and US trade and investment sectors through encouraging joint ventures and events and working on overcoming all obstacles hampering bilateral cooperation.

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