HRH Crown Prince seeks implementation of a national strategy to ensure healthcare facilities

Adopting a national strategy to upgrade the health care system is a sine qua non to guarantee best health services for citizens, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and Economic Development Board (EDB) Chairman stressed as he chaired the EDB Executive Committee meeting.

Upgrading the health sector should take into consideration optimum use of available potentials and resources, he added, lauding the Health Ministry’s efforts to better services.
The ministry’s specialized team gave a detailed presentation about the ministry’s development scheme for the next phase. “Main challenges facing the Kingdom’s health care sector were highlighted including demographic growth, rising demand for health services, lack of specialists in some medical disciplines and continuously-rising cost of health services. The main goals of the ministry is to tackle these challenges while maintaining provision of top quality health services and improving internal coordination,” it was revealed.

The meeting also seeks to enhance the private sector’s role in this respect, boost potentials and promote professional competencies in order to cater for future demands and ensure sustainability of health services through effective funding alternatives. Bahrain’s health scheme involves six initiatives which are directly linked to the national economic strategy 2011-2014.

They are promoting preventive health and health awareness, achieving complementarities among health services, setting up quality benchmarks, ensuring all people have access to health services, boosting the role of the Health Ministry in decision-making and achieving health services sustainability.
HRH the Crown Prince wished Health Minister Dr.Faisal bin Yaqoob Al Hamar and the specialized team success in achieving the forecast goals pointing out the need for periodic reports to keep updated on progress in implementing the roadmap.

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