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MANAMA: As the nomination process for the 29th term of Bahrain Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCCI) comes to close, 72 candidates are in the field to contest for 18-member board.
Following the end of the submission period for the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (BCCI) 29th Board of Directors on Sunday 4th March 2018 at 2 p.m., the number of candidates whose candidature were accepted by the Bahrain Chamber’s Elections Committee amounted to 72 members, the statement issued by the Election Committee led by Jassim Abdul A’al, said.
The list of candidates is as follows:
1. Ahlam Yousif Othman Ali Janahi
2. Ahmed Subah Salman Al Saloom
3. Ahmed Abdulla Ahmed bin Hindi Al Mannaei
4. S. Khalil Sameer Khalil Ahmed Qahiri
5. S. Saeed Khadhem Jaffar Al Alawi
6. Sh. Hind Salman Mohammed Al Khalifa
7. Ameera Hasan Alemam Yousif
8. Eman Khalil Ebrahim Nurulddin
9. Basel Mansoor Hasan Mansoor Al Mutawa
10. Bassem Hasan Abdulla Al Mahmeed
11. Bassem Mohammed Amed Al Saei
12. Batool Mohammed Ahmed Ali Dadabai
13. Jamal Abdulla Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Kooheji
14. Jameel Yousif Ahmed Al Ghana
15. Hatem Ahmed Ali Abbas Dadabai
16. Hamed Ali Mohammed Fakhro
17. Hasan Bader Ahmed Salman Kikso
18. Hasan Abdulla Ali Al Saffar
19. Hameed Abdulredha Abdulaziz Nasser Mohammed
20. Hameed Mirza Yousif Ahmed Al Heli
21. Khalid Rashid Alshaikh Abdulrahman Al Zayani
22. Khalid Mohammed Yousif Najibi
23. Khalaf Habib Yousif Hujair
24. Ramez Mohamed bin Ajman Al Awadi
25. Riyadh Ahmed Mohsen Ahmed
26. Reema Nader Hasan Mohsen Rajab
27. Sameer Abdulla Ahmed Nass
28. Sonia Mohammed Mohammed Abdulla Janahi
29. Aref Ahmed Ali Hijris
30. Abbas Jassim Ahmed Abdulredha Al Sammak
31. Abbas Mohammed Hussain Mhammed Abdulrasool
32. Abdulameer Abdulhussain Abdali Al Sendi
33. Abdulhussain Khalil Murtadha Diwani
34. Abdulhakeem Ebrahim Mohammed Aljaffar Al Shemeri
35. Abdulhameed Abdulhussain Alshaikh Khalaf Al Asfoor
36. Abdulrahman Khalid Abdulrahman Almoayed
37. Abdulla Abdulwahab Hasan Madan
38. Abdulmajeed Ali Ahmed Al Awadhi
39. Abdulwahed Abdulaziz Abdulwahed Qarata
40. Abdulwahab Yousif Abdulwahab Al Hawaj
41. Aziz Mohammed Othman Qudrat Elahi
42. Ali Hasan Mahmood Abdulhussain Baker
43. Ali Hasan Mahmood Mohammed Hussain
44. Ali Hasan Jawad Jaffar Halwachi
45. Omar Salah Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdulrahman
46. Issa Mohammed Abdulraheem Mohammed Al Refaei
47. Ghaleb Alshaikh Ali Mohsen Al Oraibi
48. Fadhel Abdulabbas Issa Sulaibi
49. Feryal Abdulla Ahmed Nass
50. Fareed Ghulam Abbas Abdali Bader
51. Lamya Ahmed Mahmood Mohammed
52. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Jumaan
53. Mohammed Sajid Shaikh Izharulhaq Basheer Al Haq
54. Mohammed Adel Abdulla Fakhro
55. Mohammed Abbad Mohamed Saleh
56. Mohammed Abduljabbar Mahmood Al Kooheji
57. Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Abo Al Qassim Sherazi
58. Mohammed Abdulali Abdulaziz Hussain Al A’ali
59. Mohammed Abdullatif Khalid Abdullatif Al Ojan
60. Mohammed Farooq Yousif Al Moayed
61. Mohammed Mustafa Ebrahim Mahmood Al Kooheji
62. Mohamed Yousif Mohamed Lashari
63. Mahdi Abdulaziz Abdulla Ahmed
64. Nadia Abdulrahman Qambar Mohammed Al Omar
65. Nasser Ali Jaffar Mohammed Al Ahli
66. Nabeela Mohammed Abdulla Al Khair
67. Huda Mansoor Mahmood Radhi
68. Waleed Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo
69. Waheeb Ahmed Mohamed Ameen Al Khaja
70. Yassir Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed Al Mutawa
71. Yaqoob Yousif Abdulla Mohammed Ali Al Awadhi
72. Yousif Hamed Yousif Meshal
Jassim Abdul A’al wished all candidates every success and extended his thanks to the Bahrain Chamber and its administration on their efforts to streamline the elections process. He reinstated the Elections Committee’s keenness on ensuring a just and transparent elections.

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