Al Wefaq negates the national will of reconciliation

Bahrain Justice Minister
Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa said that at the time when everyone is consolidating common grounds to promote mutual understanding in political action, Al Wefaq National Islamic Society persists in its course which does not positively contribute to fostering a viable atmosphere for communication between political societies.

“Many meetings are currently being held where political societies are emphasizing the importance of strongly condemning all forms of violence, with the clear and outright denial of any religious or political cover of such sabotage activities,” Shaikh Khalid, added. “Raising the flag of peacefulness without any clear, absolute and open condemnation of violence renders such term devoid of substance. While seeking development one cannot provide political or legal cover for violence, and must expend utmost efforts jointly with all political and social powers to combat that violence, as a religious and patriotic duty.”

The Minister of Justice emphasized that calls made, as pointed out in the BICI report, for preserving peace and constructive participation remain unanswered. Failing to answer those calls results in lost achievements, and the question that arises is “in whose benefit is this insistence on political irresponsibility, jeopardizing lives, property and the Kingdom’s economy; particularly when Al Wefaq knows that its language and methods as they are today are not useful in presenting any proposal for any consensus to be reached?”

“Public rights and the freedom of expression and assembly are all guaranteed under the Kingdom’s Constitution and Laws, which are in line with international conventions,” he said, pointing out that what is occurring today is a clear violation of the principle of freedom of expression with the repeated use of expressions inciting violence and have proven to be the cause of the violence which is occurring today. It also shows a distinct attempt to evade the duty to consolidate trust and reconciliation, circumventing efforts to reach political consensus for the greater good of the country and its citizens.”

The Minister of Justice stressed that what all political powers must agree upon, and the course of action they take must ultimately safeguard the welfare and security of this country; and ensure a brighter future for all citizens in an atmosphere of reconciliation and accord away from violence and foreign intervention.

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