Bahrain-Italy enjoys strong and cordial ties

The outging Italian Ambassador Enrico Padula
Italy and Bahrain ties are based on mutual respect, reciprocity and understanding on international and regional issues and this relationship will further be strengthened in future, the outgoing Italian Ambassador to Bahrain Enrico Padola in an interview said.

Italian Ambassador Enrico Padola, who is leaving after four years and two months serving in Bahrain, said that the relations during his term reached to new heights of co-operation and understanding since the opening of the Italian mission in Manama about ten years ago.

“Italy will continue to work closely with Bahrain in cultural, economic, educational and political sectors to further cement the ties. Italy has been contributing militarily to the international coalition based in Bahrain to fight global scourge of terrorism and piracy in the international waters.
“Italy has emerged the single most country which helped Bahrain in the implementation of the BICI report recommendations,” the Ambassador in an interview told the 24X7 News.

“We have recorded our concerns on slow pace of implementation of many reforms including the human rights issue but overall things are moving in the right direction,” he said.

During my tenure, the Ambassador said, there have been many visits between the two sides varying from business to politics, opening up a new era of co-operation and mutual benefit.

“We believe in bringing the private sectors of both countries closer by facilitating them through mutual visits.

“Italy has been at the forefront to offer training to the judicial officials in Sicily and so far about 70 officers have benefited from this initiative,” the Ambassador explained.

On the area of human right, the Ambassador added, Italy has had made explicitly clear about the Italian position on human rights including the existing of death penalty in the judicial system of Bahrain.

“Italy has reservation on the capital punishment and we as an independent country and being a broader part of the EU conveyed our feelings to the concerned authorities,” he explained.

“The reforms initiative including the proposal to setup the Arab court of human rights by His Majesty the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has been much appreciated and commended by Italy,” he said.

“The proposal of His Majesty the King to establish an Arab Court of Human Rights is considered a civilized leap which will enhance the efforts of the Arab Countries in supporting and encouraging the respect of the human rights,” he said.

The Italian Ambassador expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the leadership for their interest to enhance bilateral relations, and praised their vision and key role in boosting many vital sectors in the kingdom.

He also hailed the Kingdom’s officials’ cooperation with him, which, he said, has contributed to the success of his diplomatic mission, wishing Bahrain and its people further progress and prosperity.
Ambassador Padola thanked the people of Bahrain by saying that even during challenging times he and his team in Bahrain never felt unsafe and said despite many issues Bahrain remained a peaceful place to live and work.

Ambassador Padola has been appointed Counsel General in of Italy in Montreal Canada, where he will be at the helm of large Italian community living in that part of Canada.

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