Bahrain may eliminate Bahrainisation job quota

Jameel Humaidan Min of Labour
The Kingdom of Bahrain is considering to eliminate the Bahrainisation percentage quota requirement in the private sector, according to the Minister of Labour Jameel Humaidan.

Humaidan said that this was due to the success of the preparing and training the national workforce. Moreover, he emphasized that the Bahrainization percentage would undergo evaluation by the ministry with an objective to avoid placing difficult regulations for company owners with an aim of finding appropriate work opportunities for citizens in the private sector.

The minister stressed the fact that Bahrainization is being implemented in a flexible manner to increase job opportunities for citizens and that the current situation is not acceptable as out of every 10 job vacancies eight go for foreign workforce and only two for citizens.

He also affirmed the presenting of proper training for national cadres and the correct environment would enable Bahraini workers to attain better job opportunity in the labour market.

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