Bahrain oil pipeline blast was an act of terror

Bapco-Aramco oil pipeline caught fire after a terror blast late on Friday evening,

MANAMA: As the investigations continue into the Friday nights’s oil pipeline fire incident, the initial details and ground facts suggest that it was an act of terror and was not an accident.

HE the Minister of Interior has visited the site of Friday’s oil pipeline fire which was had been successfully controlled in a record time, thanks to the Civil Defence response team.

Evidence gathered by the inspection team confirmed that this was an intentional act undertaken by terrorists intending to undermine the security of the Kingdom.

The civil defence team, in cooperation with the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)’s security and safety team, has successfully extinguished the oil pipeline fire which broke out on the evening of Friday 10 November near the village of Buri. The cooling process is now complete, mitigating any risk of re-ignition.

Attending the site alongside the head of public security and a number of officials, HE Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Minister of Interior, confirmed that the civil defence team dealt with the incident in record time. The Minister expressed his thanks and appreciation to the security authorities, BAPCO and to those citizens who cooperated with the response team, whose collective actions ensured that no casualties were incurred. His Excellency stressed that this is the latest example of a terrorist act performed by terrorists in direct contact with, and under instruction from, Iran. The Minister reaffirmed that the Ministry of Interior’s utmost priority is the safety and security of all citizens, and the Ministry will spare no effort to maintain public safety.

The Public Prosecution was informed of the incident at the point that security services started to investigate the causes of the fire. Evidence gathered during the investigation confirmed that this was an act of terrorism designed to undermine the security of the Kingdom and its citizens. A further investigation is currently underway to identify the perpetrators and to bring them to justice.

The civil defence team was able to get the fire under control in the early hours of this morning, in coordination with the BAPCO team which closed the flow of oil to the pipeline. An evacuation plan was activated with the assistance of the Northern Governorate Police Department and accommodation was found for local residents affected by the fire, which damaged a number of buildings. Those residents transferred to temporary accommodation expressed their thanks and appreciation for the quick response and the implementation of safety and security measures by the civil defence team.

The local road network remains closed while the investigation continues, and the General Directorate of Traffic calls on motorists to take alternative routes until further notice.

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