Bahraini Court acquits 4, reduces the sentences of 11

A Bahraini court reduced the jail sentences of 11 people originally convicted by the National Safety Court for attacking a solider and acquitted four others. After the defendants’ lawyers demanded an appeal, the Supreme Criminal Appeals Court reduced the charge against 15 defendants from attempted murder to “physical attack” (assault) on the solider, whereas other charges of taking part in illegal assemblies and rioting remained unchanged.

Five of the defendants had their sentences reduced from 15 years to 2 years, 5 others were reduced to 12 months who will be released for time served, 1 had his sentence reduced to 6 months, and 4 others were acquitted.

In addition, another convict who failed to appear at the hearing was previously charged in absentia for 15 years, but his lawyers never filed an appeal.

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