Bahrain’s 1st Food Bank on its way

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MANAMA: A non-profit food bank is likely to open its doors soon in Bahrain as the founders believe the unique food bank will be established to encourage social giving and reduce waste and reach out to the needy people.

Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan received Ibrahim Al-Daisi, Chairman and Founder of Bahrain Emdad Society (Bahrain Food Bank), which is under formation.

Hypermarkets would be approached to donate an annual quantity of the food products they sell, so as to be distributed to needy families across the country. Once established, the charity society would also collect extra food from restaurants and bakeries, as well as left-overs from big ceremonies and distribute the quantities in a healthy and decent way to needy people.

The Minister hailed the concept of the society which, he said, embodies the value of social solidarity, commending volunteers for their dedicated charity efforts. He also called for more cooperation and social partnership.

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