Bahrain’s fire fighters avert a major disaster

Brigadier Abdulaziz Rashid Al Ammer, General Director of Civil Defence,

MANAMA: A swift response to the oil pipeline fire incident on Friday evening and a robust deployment of fire fighters has averted a major disaster by evacuating over 400 individuals from the densely populated area surrounding the fire site.

As the emergency message aired, the Civil Defence team reached the incident place in three minutes and total 21 vehicles and 78 personnel took part in the operation.

Brigadier Abdulaziz Rashid Al Ammer, General Director of Civil Defence, confirmed that 21 vehicles and 78 personnel were deployed to control the fire of oil pipeline near Buri village. He said that the civil defence teams reached the site within three minutes.

The General Director asserted that the presence of His Excellency Interior Minister and the Chief of Public Security at the site had enhanced the self-esteem of the civil defence staff, hailing the cooperation of the public and concerned authorities.

He highlighted that as part of the evacuation plan, around 400 individuals were evacuated with the assistance of the security forces, of which they made major efforts in the evacuation operation. Some of the families who their homes were damaged because of the fire were sheltered at a school and then moved to Al Karama Home.

He said that the National Disaster Management Centre was activated and experts of the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) were asked to come to the site to close the main supply key of the pipeline. The concerned authorities of the Interior Minister were notified to secure the areas and the surrounding roads, as well as the Electricity and Water Authority to take the required procedures.

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