Business community slams violence, sabotage

Bahrain’s Business Family with the Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa
The Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa received a number of the businessmen and traders, to brief His highness on the realty of the direct effect on the national economy as a result of the continuous and increased unlicensed rallies that block the vital and main roads in the heart of the Capital, Manama.

The Bahraini Commercial and Industrial Family condemned violence, vandalism and the unauthorized rallies in Bahrain by the opposition societies called for by Al – Wefaq Society, casting responsibility for the great recurrent losses and additional costs caused to the national economy, private sector institutions on the powers seeking to create problems.

It also declared that those acts harm the Kingdom of Bahrain on the economic and commercial levels, demanding the relevant authorities of the importance to take all measures to prevent the occurrence of such practices and arrest the perpetrators of such incidents. It demanded the application of the most severe punishment on them, especially as those practices affect and disrupt business interests of all members of the society of citizens and residents without exception.
The businessmen and traders stressed that security and stability are the basic factors that help to achieve development, prosperity and growth of the national economy in any country, highlighting that they were considered one of the success factors to the investment and the presence of private capital, particularly the Kingdom of Bahrain had the laws and legislation to attract these investments.

They pointed out that the growing number of those unlicensed rallies and acts of violence would undoubtedly affect the presence and increase of those capitals in Bahrain, highlighting that those assaults and attack would never stop unless strict, deterrent and strong measures be taken against them. They also said that the national economy needed to be protected for it had been greatly affected since the events occurred in the beginning of last year.

Meanwhile, the businessmen and traders said that targeting the Capital Manama in particular, which represented the backbone of the national economy had great and serious negative consequences on the Bahraini Citizen and resident in general, and on the investors, business owners and traders in particular. They highlighted that Manama had the major financial and banking institutions, insurance companies, small and medium enterprises and shops, asserting that the instability in the country through carrying out those acts of sabotage aim primarily at destroying the national economy.
They said that those recurrent acts in the streets, and main roads were not condemned by the parties totally responsible for them, and for the deteriorating economic conditions Bahrain was passing through.
They reinforced that the freedom of expression and gathering were ensured by the Bahraini Law and Constitution, but without harming the interests of citizens, residents and the national economy.
They said that Bahrain, especially at that important time needed that the people of wisdom and who had national insight to develop appropriate solutions for the interests of everyone through the use of dialogue and reunion to create a characteristic positive atmosphere among all sects of Bahraini society. They also wished the acceleration of such solutions to ensure the restoration of the pace of economic growth in the country during the coming period.

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