Dialogue is the only way forward: Justice Minister

Bahrain Justice Minister
Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa has stressed Bahrain’s determination to go ahead with the comprehensive reform and modernisation march through the state of institutions and law and while adhering to the principles of pluralism, citizenship, human rights and justice.

He said that the principle of dialogue was a right, a common national aspiration and an important means to monitor differences in views in democratic societies through their constitutional institutions. “Therefore, it has never been and will never be allowed to dictate a unilateral and exclusionary viewpoint,” he said, adding that it is categorically unacceptable to put the principle of national consensus to bargain.

He also underscored the importance of active participation and contribution to boosting the spirit of trust and reconciliation, apart from the continuous crisis-mongering rhetoric concomitant with violence and vandalism escalation.

He stressed that betting on mobilization and violence to impose any conditions or political agenda proved to be a failure. He underlined the need to explicitly condemn ongoing acts of violence and sabotage targeting national security and the economy.

He added that declaring condemnation of violence is inconsistent with greeting its mongers and perpetrators and providing a political cover to those acts or their perpetrators or illicit organisations adopting violence.

“This cannot express a serious stand towards denouncing those criminal acts,” he said, adding that adopting violence, betting on it or transgressing the law can never back the efforts to pave the way for a positive climate.

He also criticized some political parties for their insistence on misleading the public opinion and focusing on stirring sentiments while persisting on errors.

He reiterated rejection of all forms of imploring foreign intrusion or mediation in the internal affairs, describing this stance as a reflection of keen interest on effective participation in providing a positive climate by reaching out to all.

He also underlined the need for pure Bahraini solutions through dialogue as a constant approach to monitor different views, achieve consensus and bolster democratic development.

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