Fire destroys the entire Isa Town souq

Fire engines trying to put out the fire at Isa Town Souq on Sunday
A fire broke out on Sunday afternoon at the Isa Town Souq causing extensive damage to the shops and hundreds of makeshift vendors’ platforms.

The fire was first reported at 3.34pm Bahrain local time as in minutes it quickly engulfed the entire Souq burning the blocks of the shops. No injuries or causalities were reported by the police.

Dozens of Civil Defence fire engines immediately reached the scene and despite efforts were unable to put out the fire even after four hours.

Hundreds of shop keepers and customers those who were present at the time of the incident rescued by the authorities.

Eyewitnesses told the 24X7 News that the fire first started at the perfume shop in the middle of the market and within minutes gutted the entire block of the market.

The concerned authorities are investigating the exact cause of the fire which apparently is seen as short circuit in the power supply.

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