Galitt payment system selects Bahrain as regional HQ

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Galitt the payment systems and secure electronic transactions consultancy headquartered in Paris, announced the opening of a new branch in the Middle East, based in Bahrain, as an initiative to be one step closer to its clients in the region.

“Bahrain is a growing economy, and Galitt wishes to contribute and invest in its development. Indeed, one of the reasons that fuelled the opening of a branch here is to stimulate the rapid growth of payment systems and secure electronic transactions. The market is increasingly competitive and there is a strong will to shift to a more sustainable economy away from oil revenue,” Galitt in a statement said.

“On a regional level, Bahrain is in a strategic location, providing a hub for all countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The GCC is showing an increasing interest in the industry, with professional exhibitions attracting big players on the market and innovative projects being launched across the region,” Galitt in a statement added.

“Indeed, the last couple of years have seen a great deal of innovation in the industry, but the most spoken-of one undoubtedly remains Near-Field Communication (NFC). With this technology, telecom operators and service providers, such as banks, have seen open opportunities exceed the needs of their clientele and acquire new clients by delivering innovative services. The hype has undoubtedly reached the region, with projects announced in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain,” the statement added.

“In this current age of innovation, the importance of branching out for more face-to-face time with clients and more community involvement is unquestionable in order to provide the most appropriate quality of service, justifying the opening of a branch in the region. Furthermore, Galitt has a proven experience in similar major projects such as ISIS (USA) and Cityzi (France).”

Galitt has won an unrivalled reputation in the industry over more than 20 years of operations. Galitt is the leader in France – the birthplace of the industry – and is active in all the pivotal projects. On an international level, Galitt has a consulting team consisting of experts in audits, market strategy, RFI/RFP or payment factory as well as team leaders, project managers, testers and experienced trainers a confirmed network of value-added resellers for its cutting-edge tools, qualified by Global Platform (1st in the world) and EMVCo

“The Gulf region is prone to innovation and many projects demonstrate new technologies offering economic growth beyond the oil and gas industry. Our international development strategy targets pivotal regions, among which is the Gulf. Bahrain is welcoming our approach and is helpful in leveraging local and regional opportunities,” Gerard de MOURA, Managing Director of Galitt and President of Galitt Middle East Consultancy, said.

“We are delighted that Galitt has decided to set up a new branch in Bahrain, a decision which reflects our strong business fundamentals. Bahrain has long recognised the importance of encouraging innovation and the development of new technologies, and the presence of Galitt’s new office will only enhance our continuing focus on economic growth, modernisation and competitiveness,” Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Acting Chief Executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), said.

“The Galitt Middle East branch is the gateway to the confirmed French expertise in the payments and secure electronic transactions industry for the Middle East market.”

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