Government will not let the economy sink

His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa with leading business community members on Saturday
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has affirmed the government’s absolute rejection of all attempts to disrupt the public interest, hamper the trade momentum in Bahrain and paralyze the economy.

HRH was speaking as he received members of the business community who denounced unlicensed rallies and blocking main roads in the capital, given their direct negative impact on commercial activities.

“We have shown great patience in the hope the groups behind the crisis show good intentions and respect the law. However, it is understood that their objective is still to exacerbate the situation and go ahead with escalation,” HRH the Prime Minister said.

“We will never accept such practices to continue and the law will be enforced. Measures will be taken against any law-breaker and any person who intends to harm the public interests for jeopardizing traders’ interests is a detriment to the national economy,” HRH pledged.

“We will never tolerate, henceforward, the situation to continue,” HRH added criticising attempts to fuel the crisis through acts of sabotage, arson and by targeting people’s life.

Those groups, HRH said, tried to turn Bahrain into a playground for subversion, anarchy and social divide.

He also added that relevant authorities had been instructed to take the necessary procedures to enforce the laws which have been agreed on by the representatives of all the Bahraini people.

HRH credited the security officers for their courage, patience, tolerance, civilized behaviour and respect of human rights despite being targeted by the terrorists who hide behind the cloak of reform and democracy.

“Nothing comes prior to security and stability, which are top priorities,” HRH affirmed describing people’s safety as the government’s responsibility.

“We will stand one rank in the face of those who are trying to destroy the economy and sabotage the nation. We will never allow anyone to push us backwards, even a step, in the development and reform project in which we have made big strides,” HRH the Prime Minister stressed firmly.

The business community expressed support to the leadership in all measures taken to maintain security and stability and protect the public interest.

They strongly condemned targeting the national economy directly by saboteurs and terrorists, demanding the government to enforce the law.

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