HM King Hamad Receives GCC Muslim Scholars League

Bahrain will remain an oasis of security and serenity and a haven of co-existence between all sects, religions and cultures – the way it has always been all along its deep-rooted history. His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa made the comments as he received at Al-Safriya Palace the GCC-Muslim Scholars’ League led by Dr. Ajeel Jassim Al-Nashmi.

He hailed the crucial role of scholars in defending the Islamic faith, protecting national unity and cementing the understanding and solidarity between the GCC countries.

HM the King welcomed the scholars, appreciating the importance of the visit which comes at a critical regional juncture. “We derive our strength from Allah Almighty and from our genuine Arabic value which stem from our Islamic faith”, he said. “We don’t want anyone to interfere in our affairs, as long as we don’t meddle in others’ affairs” he said, pointing out the responsibility of scholars in directing and educating “our children” properly to ensure a closely-knit and loving society.

HM the King lauded the good efforts of the Muslim Scholars’ League and the heavy responsibilities they assume in confronting challenges and dangers. He also pointed out attempts to defame the true image of Islam and encroach on Islamic shrines and stigmatise our faith.

“Islam is a religion of moderation that abhors violence, terrorism, racial or sectarian discrimination”, he said, adding that it advocates respect of others’ faiths and liberties.

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