HRH Premier praises National Unity gathering

HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa with leaders of National Unity Gathering

“We derive our strength from our people’s power and solidity,” His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said as he received at Gudaibiya Palace members of the National Unity Gathering’s Supreme Committee led by Dr Sheikh Abdullatif Al Mahmoud.


“Our people’s support will be engraved in the memory of the nation. This stance was very expressive and a memorable response to anyone who tried to offend national unity, fundamentals and achievements,” he added.

“Transgressing the supreme national interest and safety cannot be tolerated by any loyal citizen,” he affirmed adding that freedom in Bahrain is safeguarded but what has happened recently was an encroachment on other people’s freedom, a disruption of national and economic interests and an attempt to drag the nation into an abyss by sparking chaos.

“Therefore, we had to act to protect the nation and ensure its security and stability as well as safety of the people,” HRH the Prime Minister said adding that anyone who thought he was able to achieve these mischievous goals was wrong. He paid tribute to the loyal people describing them as the source of the Kingdom’s strength.

He lauded citizens’ patriotism in gathering at Al Fateh Mosque to highlight their demands in a civilized and peaceful manner and show the world that Bahrainis are one people united with their leadership and caring for the national interest.

“The National Unity Gathering has been able to impose itself and derive its strength from the popular stance to become a main component in everything pertaining to the nation’s interest and future,” he said.

“The National Unity Gathering’s support will be always cherished,” he added describing participation in it as an extension of the honourable history made by the forefathers. He also praised social unity describing it as impenetrable.

“Following the great danger which was threatening Bahrain, the need has become apparent now to join hands to deter this danger and foil attempts preying on the kingdom’s security,” HRH the Prime Minister asserted pointing out those attempts to drive a wedge between Bahraini citizens with sectarian-based approaches are personal and will fall on deaf ears.

“It is the Bahraini people who protected the homeland from predators by advocating the national interest as a goal and unity as a means,” he said.

“Who desires reform, reform has never stopped and will never as stressed by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa,” he added pointing out that there have been constitutional channels capable of reaching out to demands for reform. However, some people were adamant to veer off the civilized way in expressing their opinions, he explained.

Dr. Sheikh Abdullatif and the committee members described their action as a religious and national duty stressing that the supreme national interest would never be compromised. They vowed to remain active commending HRH the Prime Minister’s wisdom and statesmanship. They also praised HRH the Premier’s keenness to directly reach out to citizens’ needs.

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