HRH Premier says welfare of people a top priority

GUDAIBIA PALACE: His Royal Highness Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, has affirmed the government’s constant efforts to fulfill the daily needs of all the citizens, and carry on the development process in every field so as to ensure the requirements of decent living for them.

He stressed that the government’s strong resolve to continue the nation-building and progress will continue unabated, and will not be hampered by any obstacles.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring happiness to the citizens, wherever they are, whether in the cities or villages,” he said, stressing that Bahrain needs the efforts of all its dedicated and sincere citizens and their tangible contributions so as to achieve the aspired for development and progress.

HRH Premier called for the need to contribute effectively to efforts to advance the society and the nation, urging all to take firm stances against everything that poses a threat to the homeland’s security and stability.

He made the statements as he received at the Gudaibiya Palace a delegation from the Janabiya and Qara villages in the Northern Governorate, including MP Majid Ibrahim Al-Majed, chairmen of charity and youth societies and funds, as well as citizens.

HRH Premier was informed about the needs of the citizens in the two villages in the housing, service, health and education fields, and gave directives to all ministries and relevant sides to study them, prepare detailed reports on them and meet the villagers to discuss with them the executive plans to implement them according to a clear schedule and the required budgets.

HRH the Prime Minister asserted that the government’s efforts are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the citizens of the Northern Governorate, and across the kingdom so as to ensure that all citizens enjoy outstanding quality housing, education and health services.

HRH Premier expressed delight at meeting villagers, listening to them and issuing directives to meet their needs, affirming that the nation and its wealth are for all Bahrainis who have always been united by a cohesive fabric.

“The demands and needs presented by the citizens will be translated in the Government Action Plan,” he said, stressing that every region will take its share from the development and urbanisation efforts.

He asserted that the development of villages and cities across the kingdom’s governorates are going ahead as planned, within a comprehensive plan aiming to improve the living conditions of the citizens at all levels, while taking into consideration the requirements of future population and urban growth.

HRH Premier lauded the role played by charity societies and funds and civil society institutions in supporting the government’s development efforts, and informing it about the citizens’ needs, which, he said, embodies the importance of social partnership, being among the most important tools on which the government relies in implementing its various plans and projects.

Citizens of the Janabiya and Qarya villages lauded the crucial role played by HRH Premier in the nation-building and development march.

In a statement delivered on their behalf by the Chairman of the Janabiya Chairity Society Hussain Yussef Hassan, they stressed that every development effort in the kingdom’s modern history bears the imprints of HRH the Prime Minister, and is the result of his sound leadership.

They extended sincere thanks and gratitude to HRH Premier for welcoming the citizens, and always keeping his doors open to them, noting that his Majlis is for all the Bahraini citizens, and a platform for enhancing the kingdom’s development and progress, which, they said, reflects his great love for the nation and the citizens.

They prayed to Allah Almighty to guide HRH Premier on the right path so as to bring about more landmark achievements for the nation.

They expressed confidence that HRH Premier would fulfill the needs of the Northern Governorate they had presented in the housing, services and health fields.

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