Investigations in 5600kg of explosives cache continue

Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain’s Public Security Chief
Bahrain’s Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan on Tuesday said that there would be no time frame for the completion of the investigations into the bomb making factory case in which police seized 5600 kilograms of explosives and 110 litres chemicals in a raid near Salmabad village in Manama.

He said that given scope of the investigations and manhunt in this explosive factory might take months and years and nobody can give a timeframe for such investigations.

Scotland Yard is helping Bahrain in forensic and other areas of this ongoing investigation and despite the some arrests some suspects are still at large.

Country’s Security Chief said the timely action of the law enforcing agencies have averted a major bloodbath in the country as the investigations revealed that terrorists were planning major attacks by using indigenous bombs and firearms being made in the factory.

General Tariq evaded the questions about the possible involvement of the foreign country or any group helping these terrorist organisations in Bahrain. However he admitted the element of training for preparing the bombs by those who have been arrested can’t be ruled out.

He said at this stage pointing of fingers at others might hinder the ongoing investigations in the matter.
“Suspects are being sought as a result of the raid on several buildings used for highly-explosive bomb production on 14 June 2012,” he said.
“As a result of ongoing investigation and an analysis of the evidences collected from the site, police have identified several suspects. They are Radhi Ali Radhi Abdulrasoon, Jaffar Hussain Mohammed Yousif Eid and Dhafir Saleh Ali Saleh,” the Police Chief said.
“Due to the sensitivity of the investigation and the dangerous nature of the confiscated material we have been unable to call for the public’s assistance in the case until now,” the Chief said. “Unfortunately, due to the ongoing investigation we are still limited in the amount of information we are able to release.”
Earlier, he said that police had raided several locations where they confiscated highly-explosive material used for bomb making. “This is significant as it indicates a new level of terrorist activity in Bahrain.”
He said over five tons of material and 110 litres of chemicals were seized. “The explosives were designed to cause severe injury, a high death toll, serious destruction to property, and fear in the minds of the public.” The Chief said that there are indications that the terrorists were not working alone and that they received advanced training and logistical support.

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