Jobs are a click away for unemployed Bahrainis

Mahmood Rafique

Now the jobs are just one click away for the job seekers in the country, thanks to the latest initiative of the Ministry of Labour in co-ordination with the e-Government authority.

The Ministry of Labour has launched the National Employment Programme (NEP) on the e-Government portal ( for all unemployed job seekers in the Kingdom.

In co-ordination with the e-Government Authority, the programme provides job seekers with a number of eServices including unemployment, registration, training, insurance and jobs for unemployed.

“The objective of launching the NEP is to facilitate government procedures for citizens and encourage them complete their transactions with the Ministry of Labour electronically and round the clock,” said Jameel Mohammed Humaidan, Ministry of Labour Undersecretary.

He also praised the eGovernment Authority initiatives in coordinating and supporting the launch of as many government eServices as possible.

The unemployment registration service allows job seekers to register in the “Unemployment Job Search” which enables them to apply for vacancies the employers are offering across the Kingdom of Bahrain. An applicant needs to enter his/her CPR number and its expiry date. Next screen will show the user’s name and contact details, which are editable, and the user is prompted to enter his/her user name and password to log in or use the service later on. Before logging out the service the user must press the “register” button to send the request.

The training for Job seekers allow the unemployed job seekers the opportunity to register electronically in the training programs offered at private institutions, licensed by the Ministry of Labour.

Before selecting the training course, the user must go through the registration terms and conditions, follow the instructions, and then decide which course to choose. All required documents must be attached. A registration notification message will be sent to the unemployed job seeker with a reference number, to be used for future reviews and enquiries.

With regards to the service of insurance for job seeker which entitles the job seekers for an allowance.

“Only those who have completed the registration procedures with the ministry will be able to register in the “Insurance for Job Seeker” service or file complaints if they turned disqualified”, he added.

Through logging-in to the e-Government Authority portal, unemployed registered users can access “Insurance for Job Seeker” service, enter the required information, select the desired choices and submit the request. Applicants will be informed about the progress of their requests status via emails. In addition, the service provides unemployed registered users the possibility to follow up their status of eligibility for unemployment insurance on a monthly basis besides tracking the status of any appeal.

The employer services provide greater opportunities for registered employers who have vacant positions to upload the job vacancies and view the applications. Users can also use the “Unemployed Job Search” link to search for vacancies and apply for them electronically. Moreover, they can click on “your favorite selection” link to create their favorite list of available vacancies or the “Request record” link to review their request records.

The unemployed citizens will be required to visit the Ministry, to complete the registration procedures and benefit from the NEP.

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