Keep Bahrain away from regional polarisation

Bahrain’s Justice Minister Shaikh Khalid
Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa stressed the need for keeping the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain steered away from any regional conflicts, sectarian polarization, foreign mediation or interference.

“Crowd gathering, inflaming religious and sectarian sentiments, and tendency to singularism conflict with the principles of good political practice and contradict with joint national action based on the respect of pluralism, legitimacy and rule of law,”” he added.

Minister of Justice, however, continued his meetings with heads and representatives of political societies amidst a positive atmosphere, as part of the ongoing communications with them to drive reach out and promote understanding between all entities concerned in the political arena.

Sheikh Khalid highlighted the continued endeavors to support the role of political societies and help them perform their aspired roles in furthering the process of democratic evolution and sustained development. He also stressed the importance of collaboration and joint efforts of all concerned to pave the way to reach common grounds in the political action field and promote further development and advancement through existing constitutional institutions under the rule of law.

Minister of Justice renewed his emphasis that it is necessary for everyone to bear their national and religious responsibilities to renounce all forms of violence through clear and open measures, and without providing any political cover for such criminal acts. He pointed out that clear and decisive action reflects sincere and serious efforts to advance constructive political action and focus on the bolstering of the role political societies play in consolidating the principle of political non-sectarian representation.

He also pointed out the role men of the cloth must play, and their clear and open national and religious condemnation of violence and malicious destruction of property, continuously giving advice to the youth, to refrain from acts against the law and religion.

Shaikh Khalid acknowledged that the consensus of the national dialogue continues to be implemented with efforts underway to build upon achievements. He also stated that the national consensus will continue to form the solid foundation of any change or development process, and said that the legitimate means of putting forward demands and expressing points of view are essential guarantees to protect freedoms and safeguard accomplishments.

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