Killing spree targeting policemen continues in Bahrain

The Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq Hasan Al Hassan, confirmed that a policeman died on Friday morning as a result of a bomb explosion leaving another seriously injured when the police patrol came under attack in Central Manama.

The explosion occurred at one of the entrances of East Ekar in the Central Governorate where police were patrolling at the time. The patrol unit was attacked by violent rioters and the policemen were subject to assault with petrol bombs and an explosive device.

Both officers were taken to hospital. One of the men died this morning while the other remains in critical condition.

The Chief said that the concerned authorities were called to the crime scene and an investigation was launched to find and arrest the suspects.

Anyone with any information should call the police hotline at 80008008. All calls are treated as anonymous.

For more information and updates, follow the Ministry of Interior Twitter account at @moi_bahrain.

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