MENA oil and gas market remain attractive for investors

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With huge gas finds in the Mediterranean, new gas-LNG ventures afoot, accelerating acreage leasing and major capital investment projects across the region, the Middle East and North African (MENA) oil and gas market remained one of the biggest and most dynamic energy markets in the world, according to the organisers of the MENA-MED 2012 Conference.

“The regional exploration, oil/gas-LNG and energy game attracts a growing number of companies and investors who find new business opportunities,” the organisers in a statement said.

The 9th MidEast-North Africa Mediterranean Upstream (MENA-MED) 2012 Conference in Geneva focuses on the exploration and development ventures of national oil companies, governments and companies in this vast and complex region. New opportunities have attracted greater commitments from super-majors, a growing suite of independents, including local oil firms, and increased positioning by national oil companies from around the world.

The Annual Conference of Global Pacific & Partners, recognised as a business-led, deal-driven and high-level event, is held on September 10th and 11th in The Four Seasons Hotel desBergues in Geneva, Switzerland. The Program also contains the 46th PetroAfricanus-PetroArabian Dinner, for networking and relationship building inside the oil/gas game.

“With the world’s largest oil reserves in the Middle East, major capital investment projects across the region, acreage openings, new oil/gas and LNG strategies across North Africa, plus huge gas finds in the Mediterranean, the meeting will once again highlight significant opportunities for companies and investors, financiers, traders and players across the value chain,” Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO of Global Pacific & Partners said.

During the intensive and high-level two-day programme keynote speakers from major companies from all over the world report on key themes like state oil/gas policies, discoveries and development, regulation and interventions in the oil/energy market, strategies of oil-gas/LNG-energy investors, private upstream projects and joint-venture interests, corporate assets/portfolio and strategies, as well as bid rounds, licensing, new ventures, business development, OPEC strategies and reserves, plus critical market issues impacting the Middle East-North Africa-Mediterranean zones.

Speakers like Pascal Laroche, Business Development Manager of Total UAE and Tarik Mokrane, Country Chairman Algeria of Shell International E&P, offer an inside look in their portfolio’s, with presentations including from Wadie Habboush, President and CEO of Habboush Group, and RWE, Apache, Iraq Institute, Botas, Cairn Energy, Noble Energy, MND, Petrogas E&P, MOL Group, Dana Petroleum, New Zealand Oil & Gas (Tunisia), Energean Oil & Gas, Oman Oil Company E&P, and government representatives and state oil companies from Tunisia, Cyprus and Morocco, plus many others on the Programme to provide insights on both present and future developments.

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