Modhesh World remains a focal attraction for tourists

Modesh World
During the fun and excitement fill Dubai Summer Surprises 2012 which will come to close on Saturday July 14, Modhesh World will continue to attract tourists from GCC and other parts of the world as being one of the biggest and most popular summer fun destinations in the region.

Modhesh World, due to its popular demand, will be welcoming families and children all summer long and will remain open until August 25th, running through DSS.

Visitors share their experiences at the indoor edutainment theme park, which features many attractions catering to every age group and nationality.

“Modhesh World is for everyone – for kids, teenagers and even for parents. The best thing is everything comes under one roof. We love the Heritage Zone where we enjoyed tasting Emirati food. The Youla local dance is incredible,” Saleh Almarri from Saudi Arabia who came to Modhesh World with his family, said.

Saleh’s 17 year old son Ali, used to visit Modhesh World every year when he was a kid. “We will never get bored here because there are so many fun activities to choose from. We love racing cars at the RaceRoom and the Youla is very entertaining”.

Ali’s elder brother Abdulhaddi, 23 years old, is currently studying Computer Engineering in the US and reunited with his family in Dubai. “I love everything that can be found at Modhesh World. The last time I was here was eight years ago and I was astonished with all the new attractions that I have seen this year. Back in the states, a lot of people ask me about Dubai and they even recognize Modhesh!”

Launched in 2000, Modhesh World welcomed half-a-million visitors last year. The expansive family entertainment theme park features exciting zones, in addition to international cartoon and stage shows, which are all housed in a fully air-conditioned, child-safe environment.

Okba and his wife Fathma from Morroco who currently live in Sharjah said, “Modhesh World is on top of our list of places to visit every summer. Our seven year old daughter Shurooq, is very fond of the yellow colour and adores Modhesh so we make sure that we are present in all his shows. Shahed, our four year old son, loves it here because it’s a fun place and there are other kids who are playing with him.”

Lisa Thomas, 43, from New Zealand and her daughters Sky, 7; Greta, 6; and Lily, 4, have big smiles planted on their faces when asked about their visit. “We live in Dubai and were glad that we visited Modhesh World. The kids love all the action and excitement which you can sense the moment you enter the venue. Lily enjoyed the challenging slopes at the Modhesh Fun and Play Zone while Sky and Greta love the Crazy Frog.”

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