Over 700 police officers injured since January

Tariq Al Hassan Bahrain’s Public Security Chief
Over 700 police officers have been injured as result of attacks on the security staff since the start of the year, the Public Security Chief revealed on Tuesday.

Public Security Chief Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan, addressing a Press Conference at the Public Security Officers Club in Adliya, told the media that due to the continue attacks targeting security officials said around 700 have been injured in the past over six months.

Citing to the Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander HRH Prince Salman Bin Hamad’s visit to the Public Security Club on Monday he said that HRH lauded the role being played by the security forces in line with the vision of the leadership of the country.

General Tariq said that Security Forces were trying their best to ensure the safety of the people and property and would not allow anyone to take law and order in their hands.

In his previous statement General Tariq said that the Police had confiscated material included two types of dangerous explosives which, if used, could result in massive destruction, deaths and damage.

Police seized four ready-to-use bombs that contained homemade explosives. These bombs had iron pellets that are considered very dangerous since during explosions they can cause serious injuries, deaths and severe destruction. Pipes were used in making bombs were also seized as well as electronic and mechanical tools used in the manufacturing process. The confiscated items included gas cylinders similar to the ones used before in previous terror operations in various locations.
Police are currently searching for these men and are asking for the public’s assistance in locating them. “Someone knows whereabouts of these men should come forward and help law enforcing agencies,” the Chief said.
The Chief urged anyone with any knowledge of these people or with any information about suspicious activity to call the police hotline immediately at 80008008. The callers’ names will remain confidential.
The Chief lauded the work of the Public Security Force and said that a major disaster had been averted due to their diligence and professionalism. He called upon all members of the public to be alert and aware and reminded property owners to obtain proper I’d from their tenants.
“We will find arrest and bring these terrorists to justice,” the Chief said. “At this point, it is just a matter of time.
He said that the case related to the discovery of explosives that was announced June 14, 2012 was a very critical one due to the substances that were found with regard to its size and quantity.

Major General Al Hassan said that the size of the thee explosives found was five tonnes and it was the first finding of its kind ever forming a great danger on the lives of people if used or if an accident occurred in the manner it was stored.

The danger he said also laid due to the fact that it was discovered in a residential area near a “community house” and that this act of terrorism was not condemned during religious sermons or by any political society despite its danger in threatening the lives of people.

He also indicated that the security force had exerted all efforts to investigate this case as a total of 1000 tangible evidence were recorded and that all procedures undertaken were legal.

In addition to that he said that the latest technologies related to forensics were used during the investigation and that this led to the revealing of three more suspects in the case. These he said included Hussain Al A’ali, Ahmed Jaffer and Mohammed Al Moghani .

Both Hussain Al A’ali and Mohammed Al Moghani have been arrested he stated. With regards to what some are stating regarding violations by security force related to violating private property and its confiscation during their undertaking of their duties, Major General Al Hassan said that following the directives of the Minister Interior an investigation committee had been setup to look into this matter.

He stressed that the Ministry of Interior was an executive body that enforce the law and preserves and protects the rights of people.

He said that the ministry does not claim that its personnel do not make mistakes and that mistakes occur in every profession. Moreover, the ministry he said had compensated those affected by such errors and these compensations had totaled BD 90,000.

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