Procter & Gamble to raise $25m for Youth Programme

Marc Pritchard, Global marketing and brand building officer at P&G, Timo Lumme, Managing Director IOC Television & Marketing Services and London 2012 Olympians Kerri Walsh and Tyson Gay of the USA, Paula Radcliffe and Robbie Grabarz of Great Britain pose for pictures on stage during a Legacy event to announce a $25 million commitment by P&G to youth sport during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the London Media Centre in London, England
Procter & Gamble announced plans to raise $25 million to help say ‘Thank You Mom’ by helping establish and sustain youth sport programs around the world, as part of its 10-year partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“At the start of our ‘Thank You Mom’ program, we asked moms everywhere, what would be a great way for us to help you and they said – “Help support youth sports because sport helps moms too. It helps moms raise healthy, happy kids. This is why we are committing to support not just the moms of Olympians – but every mom who does whatever it takes to make her child’s life the best it can be,” Marc Pritchard, P&G Global Brand Building Officer, said.

“Through our leadership brands including Pampers, Tide, Gillette and Pantene we have already exceeded our goal of raising 5 million dollars in 2012. More than $6 million is going to support sports development, school equipment, youth funds and scholarships and places in summer sports camps across the world. Today’s announcement means extending our plans until the end of our ten-year IOC partnership working with NOCs from around the world to increase the opportunity for more children to experience sporting and Olympic values.”

“I am delighted to see the success of P&G’s world-wide youth sport programme and welcome this commitment to extend through to the 2020 Olympic Games. By partnering with the global Olympic Movement, P&G has committed to touching and improving lives through sport – particularly the lives of young people. Investment in youth sport is essential to the future of the Olympic Movement,” IOC President Jacques Rogge said.

US Olympian and London 2012 Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh helped P&G establish a Youth Fund in the US and are working with P&G’s biggest brand Pampers to help inspire babies with the spirit of play.

“Sport has played a rich and meaningful role in my life since early childhood and, as a mother, I value the role it plays in helping my children have healthy, well-rounded lives. Supporting today’s little athletes, whether or not they grow up to become tomorrow’s Olympians, is essential. Play helps babies develop, just as sport helps children learn important life skills and I’m delighted to help P&G and Pampers in their announcement today,” she said.
“I genuinely believe it’s important for all children to have sport in their life as it has so many benefits; not just health benefits, but self-confidence, self-esteem, working as a team, better results at school. As a mother, I know this starts in childhood. Play has a massive role in a baby’s development just as sport can help nurture happy, well balanced kids, and I am delighted to help P&G and Pampers in their commitment to support moms and families world-wide,” US Olympian Tyson Gay, who has been part of the Gillette Get Started campaign, said.

“I was born with sport in my blood and, as a child, my passion was nurtured by my parents and grandmother and then through training programs at school. With their support, the seed of inspiration I had as a child has grown to help me become the athlete I am today. I believe that all children deserve the same support to give them a great start in life,” he said.

GB Olympian and bronze medalist Robbie Grabarz helped support P&G’s announcement and acknowledged the role that his heroes had in helping him get a good start.

“Support for young athletes is essential. Helping P&G support kids to experience sport is an honour for me, given the fact that without the support of Roger Black, Steve Backley and the Ron Pickering Foundation, I wouldn’t be here with a bronze medal today,” he said.

“By investing in youth sport, we can honor our commitment to moms and to the IOC by supporting families and helping grow tomorrow’s Olympians,” Marc Pritchard, added.

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