Public-private partnership must to enhance productivity

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa presiding over the meeting attended by the four deputy premiers on Saturday
His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa issued directives to the ministries and governmental institutions to implement the programmes that preserve what has been provided to the citizen by the government including services and the best for their interest.

HRH the Premier’s reinforcement that the citizen had a role in preserving the governmental service through the rational use and protection of facilities from tampering and vandalism, embodied the prudent vision of HRH on the importance of the partnership between the governmental and private parties for improving performance.

The importance of that partnership is manifested when the government and the citizen are in the same row keen to construct and raise the homeland, and address any attempt that aims at hampering the work and production process. Therefore, HRH the Premier is exerting great efforts to open the doors before citizens to provide their ideas and suggestions, as well as HRH’s keenness to direct ministers and officials to have their offices and doors open for citizens.

Bahrain Excellence Center has achieved the results of competitiveness laboratories and national indicators, where it ensured HRH the Premier’s reinforcements of the importance of improving the production. It also pointed out that the improvement in the production is considered the main guarantor to increase the capacity of the national economy and make it grow, and thus contributes in improving the living conditions of the citizens, as well as providing job opportunities for them.

The call of HRH the Premier for the need to improve productivity and competitiveness and to attain citizens’ satisfaction from government service has highlighted a clear message to all governmental institutions that “the main purpose” of their work is to achieve citizen satisfaction. The call of HRH also pointed out enforcing everything to be subject to effective national standards and indicators for follow-up and evaluation aiming at raising the level of performance, to reach the satisfaction of the citizen, which is the highest target of any government in the world.

The directives of HRH the Prime Minister also included the issue of efficiency which is not limited to the service side related to the performance of governmental institutions, but extended to include motivating the national competencies and provide them with the required confidence for achieving more creativity and innovation.

Bahrain Excellence Center has succeeded since its inception to prepare a generation of experts, and consultants in the field of excellence in training and knowledge to implement the government’s plans for a better and more effective performance on all human, and technical levels.

Bahrain Excellence Center has established the initiative of “National Indicators for Performance,” in line with the thought and the vision of HRH the Premier that aims at raising the level of the governmental services, including promoting competitiveness between governmental institutions to provide the best for the citizen.

Bahrain Excellence Center defined five themes to achieve such target. They are also called the five indicators, the quality of life and life-long learning, sustainable energy and the economy of knowledge, and knowledge-based economy.

During meeting with the excellence leaders, HRH the Prime Minister’s directives addressed two important sectors for the citizen, which are health and education, where HRH was keen to make those services of the highest quality. Therefore, the national indicators would the effective tool in evaluating the improvement of the governmental performance and the quality of services, as well as ensuring the advanced level the government wants to attain.

It is important to reinforce that the support of HRH the Prime Minister for such initiatives reflects his advanced vision for the future and its challenges for future generations regarding the scarcity of resources and the need to manage those resources with the utmost efficiency.

HRH the Premier is also keen to continue the development’s march to help Bahrain attain the ranks of developed countries at all levels.

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