Sectarianism remains the most dangerous threat

Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa addressing during the ceremony at Police Officers Club in Manama on Monday
Sectarianism poses the most dangerous threat to Bahrain’s social fabric and controlling it is a duty that requires the adoption of deterrent legislation and the introduction of national programmes to shut the door in the face of anyone who tries to divide our society and disturb our security and stability, the Minister of Interior said on Monday.

Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa paid glowing tribute to the officers who scarified their lives while maintaining security of this nation by endangering their own lives.

“They made sacrifices for others, without losing their determination or enthusiasm,” the Minister said, as he patronised a ceremony to honour the families of “Martyrs of Duty” and injured policemen.

“Security is the responsibility of every policeman and every good citizen. One of the most important security challenges is how to put out the fire of antagonism and hatred between citizens,” the Minister said.

Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa with Manzoor Ahmed Mohammed Ramadhan father of martyr Kashif Ahmed Manzoor
“Your determination and discipline were harder on me than holding hot coals; while I see injuries resulting from the sacrifices made by many among you, you look upon them as medals of honour on your bodies. You have sacrificed the most precious things you have for Bahrain and set the highest standards of loyalty and commitment,” he added.

“What we have had witnessed of the incidents and the difficult conditions prompts us to learn to gain strength, unite and race against time to build what was delayed.

“Let us have the slogan “Bahrain First” for an action plan and to improve our national performance and through it prove the Arabism of Bahrain and to carry forward the mission we inherited from our fathers and grandfathers to protect the Arab and Islamic heritage of Bahrain.

Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa with injured police men during the honouring ceremony
“While we are facing challenging and changing situations, it is not enough to act rightfully, but also to defend it. At time of protecting rights and freedom the right of security and protection of the interests and livelihoods are important rights and duties,” he said.

“It should not be forgotten that the world does not look upon the actions of individuals in the same light as it looks at the procedures of the State.

“You represent the country, and are on the frontline in maintaining security and implementing the law. Through your patience and discipline in the face of continuing acts of terror and vandalism as well as rioting, the world has realised and understood why we are defending justice and the legality of our security procedures.

“The noble Royal directives to form the community police as a pioneer set-up were the consequence of the realisation that security is meant for all and is the responsibility of all. The coming phase requires each one of us to carry the responsibilities of a policeman in relation with the community partnership to strengthen the social fabric among the children of one nation, to reinforce our strength in the face of foreign interference and to deal with those incidents that cause discord, distance, disagreement and differences in society.

“We are trying, through government support and as part of our responsibility, to maintain the required level of preparedness to counter the latest happenings, in addition to going into the rehabilitation and training of the workforce. We are also providing the security authorities with young personnel capable of performing within the concept of security and we have approved the criteria of Police Code of Conduct to enhance the performance in all spheres of security duties.

“We are doing this while guaranteeing the safety of policemen, the lifestyle of their families and the future of their children even as we promote peace to educate people to commit good deeds.

“May God help you in serving the nation and maintaining its security and stability and give you the strength to undertake this solemn responsibility, now that you are worthy and capable of such responsibility.”

“May God reward you with the best for protecting your religion and the nation, may God protect Bahrain and keep it blessed with security and prosperity under the leadership of His Majesty the King.”

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