Security forces seize arms and ammunition from protesters' camps

A Security officials issuing a warning before the evacuation operation
Four guns with live rounds, daggers, swords, and steel rods were seized by the security forces from the camps of the anti-government protestors during a search and evacuation operations at Pearl Roundabout during the early hours on Thursday.

“Among the items discovered at the site were also flags of Hezbollah and other sharp metal objects,” Ministry of Interior spokesperson Brigadier Tariq Hassan Al Hassan told the Bahrain Television.

“In the evacuation process 50 policeman were badly injured, while two of them were reported to be in critical condition after being stabbed with swords by the protestors, said Brigadier Tariq adding that, “Also two of the protesters of the Pearl Roundabout are dead and 92 were injured of which 82 were treated and discharged from hospital.”

He said that the third protestor died when he attacked a security forces at another site.
“Our security forces started off the evacuation with announcements on the loud speakers warning the protestors to leave the place, to which some of them heeded positively and left quietly. Others refused to obey the law which led us to intervene,” he added.

At the scene another protestors tried to ran over his Suburban Jeep over number of security officials during which one of them lost all five fingers. “The protestor got arrested,” he said.
Brigadier Tariq denied the claims that the security forces denied the access to the ambulances during the operation at the Pearl Roundabout site.

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