Stability remains vital for business sustainability

Daniel Naoumovitch, Sabre’s chief executive, right, with Jamil Wafa, WTS Founder and Executive Chairman after the agreement signing ceremony
The political stability serves as a vital pillar for creating business sustainability in any country and Bahrain is no exception to it, a veteran aviation expert and leading businessman on Monday said.

Jamil Wafa, WTS Founder and Executive Chairman, who signed an exclusive muti-year, multi-country agreement with Bahrain-based World Travel Service (WTS), a subsidiary of the Unitag Group with Sabre, said the Kingdom of Bahrain has a huge potential in travel, tourism and hospitality sectors but needs address the looming political issues first.

“Instability creates insecurity which discourages business growth and we have to think pragmatically to address the political issues, if any, to resolve at priority,” Wafa, said who established the WTS as well recognised travel business house by starting virtually from a scratch in early 70’s.

“At the time I jumped into business in 1974 there were only four travel agencies and that had grown to 163, showing the potential in this market. But there are some inherent flaws to cater for the needs of this sector including challenges like human resources, training and ensuring well secured business climate,” he added.

Earlier, Sabre Travel Network Middle East (Sabre), a global technology company serving travel suppliers and agencies, has signed an exclusive multi-year, multi-country agreement with Bahrain-based World Travel Service (WTS), a subsidiary of the Unitag Group.

Daniel Naoumovitch, Sabre’s chief executive talked about the long and productive relationship WTS and Sabre have shared over the past decade.

“WTS has had a long and successful history in the region. They have successfully managed international corporate travel accounts and achieved much in the travel trade arena, and Sabre has supported them every step of the way with our innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology.”

“WTS and Sabre have worked together for many years now and our decision to use Sabre exclusively is a testament to the level of confidence we have in their ability to enhance our business. Sabre’s proven low-fare search capabilities, travel security and mobile solutions have helped us retain our customers,” Jamil Wafa, WTS Founder and Executive Chairman said.

Daniel Naoumovitch said Sabre in terms of business doing well and expecting to achieve the projected growth by the year-end.

Being headquartered in Bahrain, Daniel said, Sabre regional business is treading on the right path of development and we will continue to consolidate business in the coming months and years by working with trusted allies.

Founded in 1975, within 35 years WTS has grown and developed into a complete and accomplished travel business. With a scope of operations that includes air, sea and land travel, tours and sightseeing, cargo operations, chauffeur and meet and assist services, and travel safety programmes WTS has pioneered enterprise in the travel trade.

Headquarter in Bahrain, Sabre operates 21 offices in 11 countries across the Middle East and North Africa region and operates one of the travel industry’s largest marketplaces, the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS).

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