Thugs attack result in injuries to five policemen

Petrol bombs attack on Police in Jid Hafs
The General Director of the Northern Governorate Police announced that after the funeral ritual in Jid Hafs for Mohammed Mushaima, who died of complications from Sickle Cell disease, a large number of people carried out an illegal rally on Budaiya Road, one of the main roadways headed toward Manama. Only a small group of mourners continued toward the cemetery in Jid Hafs, the Information Affairs Authority (IAA) in a statement said.

“A large group on Budaiya road blocked traffic and attacked policemen with petrol bombs, iron rods and rocks. Five policemen sustained injuries during the clash, a police jeep was gutted by fire and two private cars were damaged,” statement added.

The Police General Director said that the police responded with necessary and proportionate force to restore order. In the process, several of the rioters who attacked the police jeep were identified. Legal procedures were taken to arrest them and the Public Prosecution was notified.

Anyone with any information relating to this event is asked to call the police hotline at 80008008. All calls are treated as anonymous.

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