Unemployment surges to 4.2% at end of Q2

Labour Minister
The unemployment rate rose to 4.3% as the number of unemployed people went up from 5519 in the first quarter to 6317 in the second, according to the Labour Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, said.

The increase in unemployment numbers was attributable to the growing number of female job-seekers and the relatively slow rate of female employment.

Overall, the Minister said, most of the labour market indicators showed sustained patterns, thanks to the tremendous efforts made by the wise leadership.

The Minister said that statistics revealed that 5353 citizens were entered into the labour market during the second quarter, covering the months of April, May and June, at a monthly average of 1784. The Minister said that the figures of employment were nearly the same as those of the same period in the last two years.

The Minister said that the above results reflected the growing number of challenges facing the efforts to create job opportunities, which, he asserted, requires the intensification of efforts to reject violence, boost economy, consolidate the stability of the labour market and relieve it from all negative impacts of last year’s regretful events and address the problems facing the employment of females.

He also said that the increase in the number of jobless females urges all state departments, including the Labour Ministry, to intensify programmes and efforts aiming to rehabilitate those job-seekers and create job opportunities that appeal to them.

Concerning the insurance against unemployment, the Minister said that the number of those benefiting from the programme went up 3887 in April to 4551 in June due to the increase in the number of job-seekers who renewed their demands, as well as the number of those dismissed, which rose from 582 to 584.

Regarding job vacancies, he said, the number went up from 8739 in April to 8866 in June, which reflected the Labour Ministry’s keen interest to create suitable job opportunities for unemployed females.

The Q2 report also revealed that the number of trainees was on the increase, as 8874 enjoyed training programmes in June, compared to 6136 in April, which reflected the success of the ministry’s plans to train new recruits and consolidate the competencies of employees in order to enhance economic productivity in the Kingdom.

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