Verdict in the case of attempted murder of two policemen on duty today

With over 312 detainees have so far been released since the declaration of the State of National Safety, the verdict in case of the attempted murder of two policemen on duty is due to be announced today, according to the Information Affairs Authority (IAA).

“The detainees were either released for health consideration or after spending time in detention following their participation in the recent incidents,” IAA President Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa told a Press conference on Wednesday.

The detainees were arrested in connection with the deplorable incidents that hit the Kingdom of Bahrain in February and March, the IAA President said.
Shaikh Fawaz said that total 62 cases of crimes and 343 felonies were transferred to the National Safety Court.
Security-related charges varied between undermining the security of the state, to killing and sabotage, Shaikh Fawaz said at the press conference to reveal new audio-visual evidences of the conspiracy to overthrow the political regime in Bahrain and to highlight the latest local developments.
“Such critical times have revealed the existence of loyal media people who loved their country and its leaders,” Shaikh Fawaz said and expressed deep gratitude and great appreciation to the local media for their patriotic role during the crisis.

“It is a great pleasure for me to meet with media people who had honourable stances. It is very important that we meet, particularly after the volume of lies and misinformation that have been propagated about Bahrain lately. I want to show you some of the facts and evidence that clearly show the ominous dimension of the conspiracy against Bahrain and its rich decades-old achievements,” Shaikh Fawaz said.

The IAA President lamented the negative reports circulated by NGOs and media about Bahrain and which were not objective in addressing issues.

“Now the situation is back to normal after the State of National Safety was declared and we can all enjoy security and stability once more. Before the declaration, there was a clearing of Manama and which, despite its dangerous challenges, was carried out smoothly and without any casualty. The security forces were outstanding in preserving order,” he said.

“We do however deplore the targeting of policemen and attempts to run them over. A cameraman working for the Information Affairs Authority could escape, but a policeman was hit and run over. A second policeman was also hit and run over near Nuwaidrat, in a clear indication of the terrorist character of those who had misled people by chanting peaceful slogans while killing public order forces and innocent men. We pray for the victims and for their families.”

Shaikh Fawaz said that the series of targeting men in uniform seemed to continue when people did not comply with the national security guidelines and measures adopted at checkpoints set up in various areas of the Kingdom to preserve security and stability.

“Some people, for unknown reasons, did not comply with the measures and did not reduce their speed while approaching checkpoints. This resulted in the regrettable death of two drivers,” he said.

Referring to the case of the seven men accused of hitting and running over policemen Kashef Ahmed Mandhoor and Mohammed Farooq Abdulsamad, the IAA President said that media people would be allowed to attend the verdict session on Thursday.

“The defendants confessed that they deliberately targeted the security men in order to cause casualties, kill lives, terrorize people and exact revenge. During the trials, the defendants had their full rights under the laws and international covenants. They were allowed to contact their families and had their lawyers. The trial sessions were attended by representatives from Arab and European human rights organizations. Unlike in some other countries where the emergency laws are declared, verdicts can be appealed,” Shaikh Fawaz said.

“The whole world has seen the footage of the barbaric crime and other crimes perpetrated by those who claimed that their activities were peaceful while at the same time engaging in systematic operations targeting the public order forces.”

Shaikh Fawaz said that 23 doctors as well as 23 nurses and care providers were being investigated and will be transferred to the court next week on charges of committing atrocious crimes.

“It is highly deplorable that such crimes were perpetrated by people who called themselves doctors, nurses and noble practitioners. Nevertheless, they will all be provided with legal guarantees as stipulated by the Bahraini laws and international human rights standards,” he said.

Some of the medical and paramedical staff implicated in criminal acts and use of weapons worked as cells to support the illegitimate demands of the saboteurs and the calls to bring down the political regime.

“They used the potential and facilities of the Salmaniya Medical Complex and turned it into a base for tension and to carry out illegal acts and cover up crimes. For instance, this group of people imposed full control over all the wards and departments of the hospital, hid fire and sharp weapons in secret hideouts, used armed groups wielding sharp weapons to guard the hospital entry and exit points, withheld information and covered up for people wanted by security agencies. They also performed unnecessary surgical acts on some protestors to dramatise their wounds and stir public opinion, an act that caused the death of one person. They also used ambulances to transport weapons and protestors,” Shaikh Fawaz said.

“Further details will be revealed by Dr Fatima Al Balushi, the Minister of Social Development and the Acting Minister of Health, and by the Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa at a press conference early next week,” Shaikh Fawaz said.

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