AIM launches new portal

Alpine International Marketing (AIM) launched ambitious portal at an event attended by business partners, clients and well wishers from within and as well as outside Bahrain.
Chief Guests for the event were Shaikh Ali Bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa from Royal Charity Organization and from Indian Embassy, Second Secretary and Head of Chancery Gaurav Gandhi.

Mowatens is a a community web portal which will provide general information about Bahrain and local services, social interaction as well as online classifieds services to the public free of cost. It is rightly called – the place where citizens meet, interact, share information, buy or sell and in doing so knowingly or unknowingly support a worthy cause towards the Bahraini societies.

“As an organization, we have strong aspirations to grow and achieve significance in the business community and this portal is a big leap towards realizing our vision. Mowatens (which is an Arabic- English combination for ‘citizens’) is a useful source of handy information for day-to-day life and also provides value-added services to the general public all at free of cost. It’s got something for everyone and we expect it to be a popular hit with the people,” Raj Bhogadhi, the Managing Director of the company, added.

One of our major reasons for setting up this portal is to contribute back to our Bahraini community which has been very accommodating and homely over the years. Hence we have decided to devote 5% of our gross sales or roughly 20 – 25% of our net earnings from this portal towards supporting the underprivileged sections of society namely Orphanages, Homes for the Aged and Institutions for the disabled. As charity begins at home, we have decided to take the first step in this direction by contributing ourselves to this noble cause.

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