Al Eradah concludes its Iftar events

As part of its efforts to unify all segments of the Bahraini society, the National Association of Al-Eradah & Al-Taghieer (Will and Change) has concluded its Iftar get-togethers in areas of Dair, Hidd, Rass Roman and Hoora.

“The political gains and achievements have no significance in a divided and polarized society, and that the highest achievement for any country is the unity and harmony of its society, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds we all have a duty and an obligation to protect our national unity,” explaining the reasons of organizing this event, the leader of the Al Eradah party, Dr. Reem Al Fayez said.

“We also would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of these events from the people of the villages, cities and members of the society over the last weeks.”

AlEradah Association was establishment on 20 February 2012, As politic organization and focused as a model of freedom and prosperity and security of all of its citizens and residents, and a state of law and institutions and to preservation of the national earnings, and the fight against corruption financial, administrative and political.

The Society seeks to develop political liberty awareness among people of the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Constitution and the legal domestic and international norms, preservation of the human right, dignity, In addition to unanimity of working for improving the standards of living of Bahraini citizens. The Association is strongly believe that the civil state as the only guarantee to ensure a peaceful community.

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