Alba continues to keep safety as prime target

View of the storage area for Albas high-quality products
Aluminium Bahrains position as a company keen to promote its safety standards as a corporate citizen was recently highlighted during a visit to Alba premises by a 14 member delegation from the Electricity & Water Authority (EWA)s Water Transmission Directorate Safety Committee.

Albas Environment and Safety Engineer, Hubert Satheesh met the delegation headed by EWAs Chief of Safety and Environment, Qatami Al-Marasi.

The delegation was briefed on the Safety Guidelines and Procedures adopted in Alba and was later given an insight on the companys operations and state-of-the-art production process involved in producing Albas high-grade aluminium products and presence in international markets.

Alba takes pride in promoting safety as a key priority in all of its operations. This priority is specified in our charter and remains a key focus for developing a safe working environment not only for our employees but also for the wider community. It was a privilege to share our experience with EWA delegation as it gave us the opportunity to spread Albas messages on occupational safety, health and environment, Albas Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt, said.

The EWA delegation was given a tour around different facilities in the plant, and also briefed on the aluminium production process. They were also given a presentation on the companys credentials as a corporate citizen, environmental commitment, safety policies, adherence to quality and its contribution to Bahrains economy.


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