Bahrain Bourse launches TradeQuest for Universities

Bahrain Bourse (BHB) officially announced the kick start of the TradeQuest Challenge for universities for the year 2012-2013 with the attendance of Fouad Rashid, Director of the Bourse. The kick-off meeting was held at Bahrain Bourse premises, where all participating students, teams’ advisors, and investment advisors, who will monitor and coach the teams during the program, attended the event.

During the meeting, a detailed presentation was made to explain to the participants the objectives of the program, the program’s timeline, rules, and its mechanism.

“We, at BHB, are pleased to initiate this program that comes in line with implementing the Bourse’s strategy, assuring BHB’s commitment to cooperate with various government and private institutions in order to undertake all possible steps to spread investment awareness among citizens and expatriates in a way that will contribute to the prosperity of the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This program, that will be conducted annually, mainly aims to increase investment awareness among university students, and stresses on the role of influential parties in making investment decisions concerning securities,” Fouad Rashid said.

“Conducting TradeQuest for university students reflects our realization to the importance of the role that those students will play after joining the workforce in various sectors. This program will help them become more aware of the factors affecting the performance of companies and accordingly the total performance of the economy. BHB contributed to the organization of the same program for high school students for more than 15 years, and this is the first time this program is organized for university students. We will evaluate this program and try to develop it to make it more beneficial by consulting the directors of the program, the investment advisors, and teams’ advisors.”

Fouad Rashid thanked the universities, educational institutions and other parties participating in the programme for their positive response to the initiative to launch TradeQuest for Universities. He also hoped that other universities will do the same given the benefits of the program for the students in particular and Bahrain in general. The Director also praised the support and cooperation of the banks and financial institutions that assigned a number of its employees as financial advisors for the participating teams, appreciating their efforts to launch this program and make it succeed.

This year’s TradeQuest program includes 4 university and educational institutions teams, and they are: the University of Bahrain, Al Ahlia University, Bahrain Polytechnic, and Bahrain Training Institute, where the total number of participants in the program is more than 45 participants. Investcorp Bank, Al Salam Bank, BBK, and CFA Bahrain assigned financial advisors for the participating teams.

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