“Bahrain Bourse” commences operation as a new financial institution

Following the establishing of Bahrain Bourse as a Bahraini Closed Shareholding Company, fully-owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain with an authorized capital of BD10 million and paid-up capital of BD2 million, Bahrain Bourse on Tuesday said that it had started commercial operations as a new entity licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.
Bahrain Bourse also revealed y its new corporate identity, which includes a new name and logo.

“The brand identity for Bahrain Bourse is inspired by Bahrain’s strategic location as the meeting point or the link between the markets in the east and the west,” Bourse in a statement said.
“The logo design reflects the considerable brand equity built up over two decades of operations. The solid shapes and contemporary style are hallmarks of a mature and reliable institution. The design connects different values such as money, commerce, markets in one composite unit. The interactive nature of Bahrain Bourse is conveyed in sleek, symmetrical and complementary shapes. The red, blue and grey colour scheme depicts solidity, dynamism and progressive thinking. Positive attributes such as a high level of security, trust, confidence and experience are reflected in the design,” it added.

The Bourse’s activity will witness in the coming phase more of cooperation, coordination and positive interaction between the Bourse and relating institutions and bodies in both the public and private sectors. This will create more harmony and effectiveness to the Bourse’s contribution in the development process that the Kingdom of Bahrain is witnessing during the reign of His Majesty the King of Bahrain.

“The transfer of Bahrain Stock Exchange to a company will enhance its ability to keep pace with the rapid developments taking place in the securities industry. It will also improve the bourse’s capacity to meet the requirements of modern management of developed exchanges and it also goes in line with the best practices applied in stock markets. The transfer will support Bahrain Bourse to play a greater role in the economic development in the Kingdom, and enhance its ability to attract and maintain local and foreign investments,” the statement said.

“The Bourse immediately commences operation commercially as a financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, aiming at making profits. This will require the development of various aspects of management and technical operation, as well as the Bourse’s relations with other parties to ensure that the objectives are achieved,” it said.

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