Bahraini wins $250,000 Jackpot from BMI

Eyad Sater, General Manager Support Services, BMI Bank with the winner
Eyad Sater, General Manager Support Services, BMI Bank with the winner
BMI Bank, announced the lucky winner of its Ayadi December grand prize draw, rewarding Bahraini business man Mohammed Murtadha with $250,000.

“When I received the call to inform me that I had won I could not believe my ears. It took a while for the news to sink in, as I had never expected to win such a huge prize. I will use the prize money to make a few investments for my family, and a part of it will also go into my Ayadi account, which I hope will secure me another win,” Mohammed, father of two, commented about his big win.

This month, Ayadi Savings Scheme awarded 20 additional winners with a cash prize of $1,000 each and 1 winner with 250 grams of Gold. The winners of $ 1,000 include Sadeq Saleh, Mohamed Ali, S. Abdulla Alawi, Ahmed Mohamed, Ali Mohsen, Vasudevan Sundararajan, Qasem Mohamed, Adam Makki, Yeworkwha Ayele, Nazneen Tonse, Badreya Ghuloom, Nawal AlMosawi, S. Abdulla Alawi, Falah Anezan, Ali AlMukhareq, Muna Hasan, Ebrahim Aldoy, Isa Ahmed, Abdulwahed Isa, S. Abdulla Alawi and the winner of 250 grams of Gold James Sanderson

“We are delighted to be able to add value to the lives of our customers with Ayadi Saving Scheme. It is always great to meet with our winners, and seeing the smiles on their faces proves that BMI has promised them great chances of winning and successfully delivered on that promise,” congratulating all the winners, Eyad Sater, General Manager Support Services, BMI Bank said.

BMI Bank offers its customers a refreshed scheme with a bigger prize pool of $1.69 million in 2012. In addition to the regular prizes, customers will now have an opportunity to win special extra prizes 45 prizes of $ 1000 each and 2 prizes of 250 grams gold. Customers of the Ayadi Saving Scheme can win prizes on a monthly and quarterly basis as well as during the three Eids including the National Day. To be eligible for the last prize money draw which will be conducted in January, customers can open an Ayadi savings account at all BMI Bank branches in Bahrain with a minimum deposit of BD 50.

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