Bapco-Works Ministry to work on Alba roundabout project

Construction on the ALBA-Nuwaidrat Interchange, a critical infrastructure project under the Strategic Roads Master Plan Project umbrella of the Ministry of Works involving redevelopment of areas in the vicinity of the Bahrain Refinery, is scheduled for commencement in the first quarter of year 2013.

The ALBA-Nuwaidrat Interchange is a system of two interchanges (Fly-overs) at the ALBA and the Nuwaidrat/ Ma’ameer Roundabouts along with a network of inter-connecting roads. BAPCO is working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Works to ensure that BAPCO assets falling within the scope of this project namely, the Diesel Top Loading Station, Arabian-Bahrain Crude Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, Diesel Pipeline and Awali electric power feeder cables are relocated or re-engineered to allow for uninterrupted operation of the Refinery and provision of petroleum products to Downstream Local and International customers.

Work to relocate or protect BAPCO assets is expected to commence in October 2012 and construction work by contractors of the Ministry of Works is expected to commence towards the beginning of 2013. Due to the nature of construction work on this project, movement of traffic maybe disrupted or restricted at various locations along the Refinery Avenue and other roads leading from the ALBA and the Nuwaidrat/Ma’ameer Roundabouts to the Refinery, over the thirty-six month construction period. BAPCO requests cooperation from employees, customers and other stake-holders in ensuring access and to facilitate work by construction contractors in implementation of this strategic project in the nation’s interest.

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