Batelco visits Muharraq Maternity & Geriatric Hospital

Batelco Hearts & Minds Committee members with Muharraq Maternity & Geriatric Hospital staff members
Batelco Hearts and Minds Committee have been continuing their good work by visiting the elderly at Muharraq Maternity and Geriatric Hospital. During the visit the members of the Hearts and Minds group socialised with the elderly patients and brought smiles to their faces by distributing gifts of perfume and Mellafea (traditional cover) to the ladies and radios and Ghutras to the men.

The Hearts and Minds Committee comprises of a number of Batelco staff who volunteer their free time to assist and support various organisations in the Kingdom. They have touched the hearts of many and will continue to create change by directing the light on causes that matter.

“We appreciate the importance of looking after the elderly in the community and were delighted to bring a little joy to some of them with our visit and distribution of gifts,” Batelco Bahrain General Manager Human Resources Suhaila Alnowakhda, said.

Muharraq Maternity and Geriatric Hospital Administrator, Faisal Jawad, thanked the committee for their kind gesture and expressed his gratitude for directing the spotlight on the elderly. He also expressed his hopes that other groups will follow Batelco’s lead so that more visits will happen more often in the future.

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