BIA plans a full scale emergency exercise

Flashback: Exercise at BIA
Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) in coordination with various governmental authorities, it will conduct a full scale emergency exercise at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) on the 4th of December 2012.

The exercise will involve a dummy aircraft with actors who will play the role of the injured or deceased and the location of this drill will be on the Airport’s airside, South East of the runway. The exercise will take place around 9pm and will last for one to two hours. However steps have been taken for it not to affect the normal operations, movement and functions at the Airport.

The public, passengers and onlookers within the vicinity of the Airport (both inside and out) are urged not to be concerned and should not be alarmed by the movement of emergency and rescue services, even on roads leading up to the Airport.
In line with the requirements of Bahrain’s Civil Aviation Affairs and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), full scale emergency exercises involving aircrafts are held every two years at BIA and provide the ideal platform to test and practice the Airport Emergency Plan. The exercise will involve a coordinated effort from BAC, the Civil Aviation Affairs, Health, Interior, Defense and Information Ministries, plus several other organizations, including the Bahrain Defense Force, National Guard, Bahrain Airport Services, Gulf Air, Bahrain Duty Free and DHL.

“This exercise is part of the Airport’s operators’ and stakeholders’ and the Government authorities’ commitment to test their emergency plans ensure that all those involved are well trained and equipped to handle any emergency and rescue operation in case of an accident with seamless coordination across all those involved,” BAC in a statement said.

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