BMI’s $250,000 prize makes Eid more colourful

Alemash Daredia, Ayadi Eid Al Adha Grand prize winner of US$250,000 with Eyad Sater, General Manager – Support Services, BMI Bank
The second Ayadi Grand prize ‘Eid Al Adha’ Draw concluded with a housewife Alemash Daredia winning the huge grand prize of $250,000 organized by Bahraini retail and commercial banking institute BMI Bank at a ceremony conducted at the Bank’s headquarters in World Trade Centre which was presided over by Eyad Sater, General Manager – Support Services. Alemash Daredia has successfully scored a hat trick win with Ayadi Savings Scheme within a span of one year, previously winning the National Day Grand Prize last year as well as being one of the winners of a monthly draw this year.

BMI Banks’ Ayadi is the only saving scheme in Bahrain to offer customers grand prizes on all three Eids during the year including the National day.

“I am still in shock wondering if this is really true and consider myself fortunate to be blessed with this unexpected income. I have been actively involved in a charitable cause and have pledged my commitment for five orphans in Ethiopia to offer them a better and secure future by building a small orphanage for them. This additional prize money will definitely help me to pursue this project further and provide them with a good shelter and take care of their needs,” a homemaker Alemash Daredia, who has been investing with the Bank since seven years said.

“I am extremely thankful to BMI Bank for making this possible for me,” Alemash Daredia, said.

The month of October also witnessed 10 other winners benefitting with the Ayadi Savings Scheme by receiving prize money of $1,000 each. The winners include Hassan Abbas Saleh, Samya Ali Shanbeh, Ikbal Daredia, Mohammed Ali Salman, Khadija Jaafar Mohamed, Ebrahim Mohammed Abduljalil, Ahlam Ebrahim, Shafeeq Hussain Ghuloom, Najeeb Ali Ahmed and Yewor Kwha Ayele.

“Ayadi continues to enrich the lives of its customers through its value-added benefits while enabling them to accomplish their dreams. With our second Ayadi Grand Prize draw completed, we encourage our customers to continue to take advantage of the huge incentives offered by us and increase their chances of winning our last and final Grand Ayadi prize of $250,000 to be given away during Bahrain’s National Day,” Eyad Sater, General Manager Support Services, BMI Bank said.

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