Break the shackles of technology for one day: McDonald’s

McDonald’s Bahrain announced the launch of its second annual Family Time Forever campaign. Entitled ‘A Day Offline’, the initiative encourages families from Bahrain, and across the GCC to turn off their mobile phones, computers and television sets for one entire day on Friday September 28th, and instead, spend uninterrupted time together as a family.

With last year’s initiative reaching thousands of families across the region, the 2012 edition is expected to generate even more awareness and bring attention to an issue which, according to the 2012 Regus Work-Life Balance Index, affects the majority of the Bahraini workforce. According to the study, 57 per cent of respondents believe they devote more time to their work than to their families. This is a natural occurrence as economies and societies develop.

To help parents and children enjoy the day together, an exciting range of initiatives has been planned at selected McDonald’s branches throughout Bahrain, including distribution of free mini cones to kids. As an added incentive, starting from September 27th, phone vaults – phone-sized containers with adhesive closures – will be made available at McDonald’s branches throughout the region to help parents resist the temptation of checking mobile devices during family time.

“While family time is important, the most meaningful bonds are formed when all parties are fully engaged and involved. Children are incredibly observant, and can indeed detect when parents are distracted and emotionally preoccupied,” Renowned Bahrain based Psychologist Dr. Anne Mostafa stressed the value of uninterrupted family time, said.

“We so often get carried away with our day to day activities that we lose sight of what’s most important to us. Family is one of the most precious and valuable resources to a human being, and the McDonald’s A Day Offline initiative offers an exciting and worthwhile opportunity for parents and children to bond. This is one day when family members can truly enjoy one another’s company without any distraction, but it has the potential to act as an inspiration for family bonding throughout the remainder of the year.”

“This initiative reflects McDonald’s ongoing commitment to strengthening family relationships – both locally and on a global scale. McDonald’s recognizes the demands and stresses on modern parents and want to help them make their time spent with their families more meaningful by making it uninterrupted,” Abdulla Fakhro, Director of Fakhro Restaurants Co., licensee of McDonald’s in Bahrain commented on the importance of the campaign, said.

“The Middle East is and always has been a region that places incredible value in the power of the family unit. We at McDonald’s believe in cultivating family relationships and are demonstrating our commitment by providing venues and opportunities to spend quality family time together. Based on the success of last year’s campaign, we have resolved to make this an annual initiative whereby McDonald’s will devote one day every September to celebrating the importance of family time.”

McDonald’s Bahrain is 100% locally owned by Fakhro Restaurants Co. WLL and has 17th restaurants geographically located to service customers across the kingdom.

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